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By joining Us you agree to abide by these rules.

Only one Account permitted per person.

Your account must be fully activated and credits added for your sites to be approved.

We reserve the right to exclude any person without any reasons from our exchange.

Spam is forbidden i.e We do not permit unwanted advertisement in the form of e-mails to recruit entries in newsgroups and forums to generate Referrals.

Normal operation and/or the continuous availability cannot be guaranteed. We accept no responsibility for damage of any kind.

We reserve the right to change the offered service at any time. Members will be informed of any changes that may take place.

Sites that force installation of Dialers will be removed.

Sites with Pop-Up window(s) will be removed.

We don't allow any site(s) that contain warez, mp3's sharing, hate speech or anything that we deem bad or anything related to illegal activities. We suggest advertising your own homepage, a sponsors site or a referral link. We check all links you submit so don't think you can sneak one in.

Sites, which register themselves as a Starting Page or Bookmark, will be removed.

Porn/EROTIC sites, erotic/porn popups,slideins,slideups and porn/erotic banners are not allowed on Sites found advertising any of these will be removed.
No Dating or Investment Sites STAFF HAVE THE FINAL WORD.

No Hacker or click bank sites are permitted.

Must not use any forwarding or redirectional urls.

Must not be in a rotator or contain any prompts.

Any member breaking our rules with sites will receive a warning which will show on account. 2 warnings account will be stopped!!

We do not allow sites which Break Frames. Offending websites will be removed.

Any site causing any problems to members surfing will be stopped or deleted.

We allow only 2 sites,banners or ads with the url (to the same website).
You accept that from time to time we send you a newsletter informing you about new service or other related items from our company.

We reserve the right to change the Rules at any time without previous announcement. This is communicated to each member, and he/she must accept the changed Rules in order to be able to participate further in our program. If the member accepts the changes, these become immediately effective. If the member does not accept the changed Rules, he/she is not further entitled to participate any further in our program. Any accumulated assets will be lost.

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