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Must I surf to get credits?
No, credits may be purchased.
Where do I add sites ?
On your members page, click on the "My Sites" icon.
How do I get more credits?
Two ways . . surf or purchase credits.
How do I refer others to DaytonaHits ?
On your members page, click the "Referrals" icon. You will find a link to promote as well as people you have referred.
How do I get credits to my sites?
Most of the credits you earn surfing will be automatically placed to your sites according to the percentage you have chosen. Credits you purchase will go to your account credits and will need to be allocated to the sites of your choice.
Does It Pay To Upgrade ?
Yes, there are many advantages. You earn more credits and cash. Bonuses are larger, and several other advantages.
Can I Earn Money?
Free members will earn account cash which MUST be used to purchase Banner Impressions, Text Ads or credits. It may NOT be used to Upgrade. Upgraded members may cash out when indicated on members page stats.
May I use account cash for PTC purchases ?
YES as long as you do it thru admin and only credits are given for clicking your Ads. Just contact Admin to do it and include your links.
May I use Account Cash To Upgrade ?
Does my account cash carry over when I upgrade?
No unless you upgrade right away after joining Daytona-Hits. Otherwise account cash must be used for advertising before your Upgrade will be activated.
What Is A Banner Farm ?
A Banner Farm is a web page that has 4 or more banners/images on a page all linking to different web sites. This causes our bandwidth to be used up much too fast and we can not allow this.
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