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Welcome To Daytona Hits,Join Free

10 Sites surf ratio 1:1 Auto and 2 on manual surf

Your choice of Auto or Manual surf to give your sites Quality exposure.  We ask you to surf 1,000 sites to fully activate your account.  Now the good Stuff starts !

$0.50 Per "Active" Referrals
Manual Surf $0.05 Per 100 Surfed!
Receive 4000 Auto Credits
Receive 1000 Bonus Manual Credits
Receive 500 Banner Impressions
Receive 500 Text Links
10 Second timer auto surf
5 Second timer manual surf
10 Sites For Free Members.
Free members surf ratio 1:1 Auto and 2 credits per view on manual surf,Upgraded members earn more.
Monthly Manual Credit Bonus for free members 400 Monthly Auto Credit Bonus:400
Additional Bonus credits given during your surf.

Your account must be fully activated and credits added for your sites to be approved.
Only 2 sites,banners or ads with the same url (to the same website) are allowed. NO SITE ROTATORS ALLOWED.
Daytona Hits does not accept sites,PTC Or Banners From Click Bank,No site rotators.
Find a bad site,receive 1,000 auto credits.
Please check our terms before submitting sites.

Upgrade and get a whole lot more.....

Join, spend a few minutes looking things over and start promoting .
We pay for referrals so get your referral link out EVERY PLACE.

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